...theres a goodly amount o' stonesian grist makin' th'rounds,bein' repackaged to th'nth degree'n when it comes to th'swaggerin' majesties years its all very welcome, th'68/71 period is th'stones in funky overdrive, reinventin' th'blooz by steppin' back'n drawin' on th'whole 60years o'rent party racket in its many forms...this boot has a bunch o'tunes from th'year o'th'barracades,1968,taped at olympic studios located on th'outskirts o' ol'london towne while they were thinkin' about beggars banquet, their first offerin' with th'newly emergin GET BACK style,to take it all back to a more basic rockin' groove as evidenced by th'fabs white album'n dylans basement tapes where he took th'whole groove back to th'mountains'n hollows,to hillbilly times o' depression'n moonshine folk...after th'previous wax,'satanic', where th'stones gone all hallucinogenic with th'end result not to all cats taste or understandin' they themselves checked out this more 'honest' route to makin' a rockin noise, a funky country blooz for th'NOW generation, givin' th'whole proceedin's an earthy vibe, a gettin' in touch with whats happ'nin' kinda vibe...sound quality is real good so cats who ain't got too much stones from this funky period can cop a smart'n fine earful...


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