...extremely cool release o'ginsberg song/recitation jams he recorded at various sessions through th'70's with such beat luminaries as peter orlovski/david amram/anne waldman/bob dylan plus one or two others...lyrics on a personal nature abound(cats with a less free'n easy outlook may wish question th'validity o' listenin' to such thoughts)all set to various backin' grooves includin' new orleans jazzboism,folk,blooz,country,all forms o'yanquee sounds'truth is in these joints,all brimmin' with humour'n rumour from th'streets'n parks,wherever th'hep cats congregate,from th'back alleys'n subterranean morphine pads come paranoias that only th'holy will ever know...dig as allen shoots from th'hip visions'n hopes,fears'n desperation into th'universe from deep in th'cosmic beat mind,oiled with sacrificial hash'n wine'n opium...


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