...from th'same sessions as th'first disk,here comes some more songs'n a few alternate versions (just like bonafide rock'n poppers) on this second cash in with th'unwanted children o' straight uptight amerikkka...cats gettin' th'idea th'first outtin' was a bit cleaned up will need to get th'lobes up close to this one cos there hangs a grungy murk all over this givin' it a more 'get th'fear''whole vibe o' this session is pretty upbeat 'n jolly with th'gals wailin' behind th'surrogate charlie,everyone kickin' it on a tripped groove...perfect accompaniment for roamin' th'back alleys o' lonesome towns in broken down doon buggys lookin' for salvation...fits somewhere into th'twisted california saga as it does into th'somewhat tatty tapestry o' rock'nroll...its gotta be pretty much a flip city favourite...


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