...tractor gotta bizarre sound for a two-cat assault on th'senses, its th'recordin' that emits a slightly otherworld/evil? quality thats most probably down to th'acoustics more than a planned thing...released on th'wonderfully idiosyncratic dandelion in '72 this was a bit o' a talkin' point in amongst layabout head circles due mainly to this angry trebly sound o' th' wax, which fit th'music perfectly, though th'great unwashed ignored it with some degree o' stamina, much preferrin' th'sleepy sounds o' yes/tull'n other dullards o' college rock geeky-gunk...full o'propulsive grooves(neu/velvets type clatter)that work on fuzzed out fx pedal screech 'n th'tambourine comes in to much glorious effect when needed givin' some spirituality to this street level hard rock prog workout from yonder satanic mills o' yesterdays glory...this is th'sound o' small towns closin' after their uses're dried up from th'ever grindin' boss machine, th'sound o' hope in th'face o' unremittin' hostility from th'new feudal barons...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Been looking for this and it sounds GREAT!

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