...blastin' their way into century21 came blue cheer lettin' loose in japan back in '99'n with th'deviants on th'tour this musta been a good natured jaunt o' some hazy'mere fact that these cats still got it goin' on is some heavy testament to their hardy'n hearty dedication to th'cause o' mind alterin' rock'nroll, th'fact they got it goin' on in such fine fashion is possibly beyond th'call o' rock'nroll 'duty' but this album is a megaton o' chemically enhanced super-heavy-blooz-rockin' that stands taller than solomon expected theres a good smearin' o' early classics intermingled with later grist that hits th'spot more often than not'n this bein' th'cheer that aint totally unexpected...dickey peterson'n paul whaley must be a coupla cats that really know how to translate th'blooz into urban rock'n not lose th'R&B on acid vibe, their contemporaries have mainly gone for th'authentic' approach to th'blooz or th'good time party route, th'cheer seem to combine th'two, they're authentic to their own sound'n they know how to have a good time, theres a place for both in th'very name blue cheer(this is th'type o' racket that ted nugent thinks he makes but falls somewhat short every time, though he did do great interviews back in th'day)...


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