...beau brummels,frisco hippy folkies record deep inside enemy territory, nashville, home o' reactionary forces, beer drinkin' squares who weren't known for bein'receptive to new ideas,especially ideas concernin'freedom,musical'n otherwise...this fits in snuggly with other left o' centre folk grooves with outward lookin' artiness like th'stone ponies/hearts'n flowers'n to a lesser degree hep cats like van dyke parks, certainly not th'sorta biscuit that would necessarily get th'green light down nashville way but there in 68 th'brummels plied their mystical hippy magic to come up with this otherworldly vibe that certainly aint got too much to do with country rock that this often gets called, country influences're there but not in any heavy cowboy/good ol'boy sense, this is a tripped out art splurge, weavin' patterns in eternity...


Anonymous marty said...

Thanx spaced -good if not better than Triangle...much

8:52 PM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

both excellent disks indeed...

4:56 AM  

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