...when these two rockin' gals from th'big apple hooked up in ol' london towne back in '74 they originally thought o' openin' a hat shop as a vehicle for channellin' their creativity but quickly came to th'conclusion that maybe not too many had th' same taste in head apparel as their good selves so another form o' self expression was needed...bein' at th'centre o' ground zero punk led them to writin' street level fun songs 'n thrashin' on a coupla guitars...made one single for greg shaws bomp label 'n a second disk actually hung around th'top50 in england for a few moments...some o' th'songs on this complete compilation have some extra instruments to flesh them out but th'main thing here is th'gals way o' singin' together 'n th'lyrics...not one bad trk which is kinda 100% success rate for their work which not many can class trash thats been overlooked for th' last 3decades'n all heads owe it to themselves to be hep to...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bought the irt \stanley 45 back in the day so thought i would try this one sounds ok . len

2:48 PM  

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