...this effort got dissed by just about every cat back in th'day, they just couldn't take th'heavy soul-rock noise mixed in with pierre henri avant electronic squeaks'n squalls, this was prog taken to extremes, a prog too far for all but th'staunchest supporters o' th'weird'n wonderful cos wonderful is what it is(if'n not so weird into todays cynical age)...this seems to work on at least a coupla levels, as some kinda avant liturgy set to some disturbin' racket, or as a comedy work by a poe faced professor(it was henris project though spookies got top billin' in anglo speakin' territories due to record company bean countin'), either way a cats gotta have a good time with this as it steamrollers along with disregard for all th'conventions o' 'commercial' underground rock circa with most genre defyin' biscuits, all deviation from th'norm takes a while for it to find its own level with any intended audience but it seems th'destined audience for this has not really arrived for most still seem to hate it without givin' it a chance...great heavy riffin' organ, blue-eyed soul wailin's, ear-piercin' guitar whammin'n enough electronic doodlin' to fill a bucket all collide'n crash around with abandon for forty minutes'n its a wild ride o' mindnumbin' intensity...a workable antidote to todays cookie cutter sounds from any sphere o' musical indulgence, may need to be heard a coupla rimes before settlin' in for a good earful...


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