...with beggars th'stones entered fully th'next phase o' their career which also happened to be their last great period when they could still distort/mutate/modify th'blooz...they were th'blooz from dartford delta, when mick met up with keef at th'train station they were merely unconciously re-enactin' W.C.Handy aspyin' th'young cat playin' th'guitar with a knife blade at tutwiler mississippi back in 1903'n declared it was nothin but da blooz...after years o' kickin' th'gong around with some hep R&B they had an epiphany moment on th'satanic sessions, th'acid finally presented th'vision they needed to take heed o', they were to keep th'blooz alive by recreatin' it in th'form o' a robert johnson tune with whiskey'n drugs, mayhem'n death,'n possibly on micks part'sellin' his soul'...all this was played out with a backdrop o' th'blooz remodeled, givin' it th'power to reach out'n capture th'moment, they were a barometer measurin'n reflectin' th'madness o' th'times...this disk is a great soundin' slice o' th'sessions that went to make up beggars banquet where they really start to get their groove on...


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