...5 versions o' interstellar overdrive is th'main thrust o' this boot'n it aint any too many cos whats happenin' here is th'demo o' this tune(recorded in some cats livin' room on two mono machines) from 31/10/66 with next up two versions from th'flic 'tonight lets all make love in london'(th'soundtrk mix'n th'one in th'movie itself) edited version that appeared on a french E.P, plus one recorded for a TV documentary at th'UFO club on 20/01/ between're other tunes in various states, acetates/'stereo enhancements'/more teevee docs'n its a real nice peep at th'early floyd when they mutate from R&B hounds into proto acid voyagers from th'outlyin' planet'trx recorded at UFO're particularly fine even though theres talk over th'top cos anything from that club is like a pathway to another dimension, a dimension o' light'n sound away from th'squares, away from th'uptight yesterday men...dig these cambridge cats when it was all new, no rules to follow just jammin' in th'surreal moment...


Blogger Wild Man Mikey said...

Continuing to enjoy your superb blog! Big up to the Sav :-)

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