Friday' perfect accompaniment for when travellin' spaceways without or within'...dronin' drones with squiggles'n bleeps keepin' th'voyage on course for th'furthest reaches o' out-there-ness...very much soundin' like those avantcomputer LPs from th'60s 'n some seventies krautrock gettin' cozy together, does not in any way register as made in th'nineties (that would be more like frightful dullards playin' with technology)...its sonic boom(spacemen3)'n eddie prevost(AMM)'n some other cats gettin' down to over an hours worth o' groovy trancin' thats well nice when loafin' on afternoons o' greenleaf indulgence amongst th'ancient ones in high garrets above th'bustlin' metropolis...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

even if i could find the albums you post elsewhere [and usually I can't] I'd never find the same blessed blissed ramblings and alternate artworks.....


12:02 AM  

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