Sunday'first cut here is whiffenpoof song that was a single back in '67, but th'rest was laid down five years later with one, two 'n sometimes three cats from th'old heydaze o' godzness featurin' on th'seven trx...sorta like those supergroups solo LPs that came outta laurel canyon'n th'surroundin' coke jungle...some cats kinda put this wax down as bein' pop music but thats total rock-snobism in a revisionist way...if'n it was pop music it would be from a far far distant galaxy, cos there aint no pop o' this description round this neck o' th'woods, 'n that stone fact...theres a bit o' off-kilter late velvets groove on a coupla trx 'n some well twisted singer/songwriter vibes poppin' up with th'name peter laughner/rocket from th' tombs all over them givin' rise to th'fact that th'godz're th'avant/rock combo who bridge th'decades o' 60's/70's underground scenes 'n by extension 'modernmusic' from th'west...what cat coulda seen that comin' back in th' day, or any day for that'godz're th'pinnacle o' artistic thought 'n'cover o' jumpin' jack flash has a great lowdown sleazy beer joint barband feel 'n th'stew also features some garagey goodtime/psych swill...this disk is th'missin' link that channels th'last 40years o' ruckus in a cats lobes 'n onto th'center o' th' noggin...


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