...compilations o' drummers work're usually tired affairs unless its some primo primal free jazzboin' then its a different throw o 'th'dice, with that gear its more than listenin' involved its full immersion...what this little biscuit has thats put it into rarefied stratosphere o' hep grooves is th' fact that bert was once a member o' th'destroyed, a misunderstood combo who operated outta boston on th'right coast o' amerikkka back in th'later seventies...hated by almost one'n all, banned from clubs 'n bottled for refusin' to leave th'stage after their half hour was up(openin' for j.geils so this aint as weird as it seems cos his audience is 4sided without a doubt)...anyhows a crew that gets this sorta reaction usually has something goin' for it'n these cats kick up a storm o' 77style punk racket mixed with some hotcha stooges swill with a coupla stoner type moves, indicatin' a few bitsa green goin' round...a real good taped in th' basement cassette screachin' thrash-sound gives this th'beatnik seal o'approval 'n makes this a must for heads who dig th' lost sounds o' th''other trx are top quality avant rock slam 'n some interestin' jazzfunk(it dont last long for cats who gotta down vibe on such blando noise) 'n one trk has some weldin' o' sixties pop/seventies underground rock...a surprisin' package, well worth a spin or three...


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