...this wax, th'debut from arthurs crazy world was a good mixture o' pop/club soul meetin' th'new hallucinogenic sounds that were emanatin' from th'psychedelic heads that were populatin' london clubs...based in R&B with vince cranes hammond swirlin'n horns blazin' this takes off for vistas o' disturbance that were not on th'musical map back in th'hazy daze...contains th'monster hit 'fire' which was seen by most as some kinda gimmick, even underground cats couldn't make up their minds whether arthur was puttin' them on though at live gigs every cat dug to see arthurs flamin' head piece'n wonderin' if a nasty accident weren't lurkin' in some nearby dark nook just waitin' to give arthur some karma levellin'...takes a coupla listens to fully appreciate what these crazy cats were puttin' down which most definitely was early jazz prog(th'best prog) but as yet th'rules hadn't been written so th' sounds could be imaginative without bein' pre-thought'n rehearsed, a natural state arose in th'studio to allowin' goin' with th' flow...th'first side is a suite o' proggyness'n th'second song based with a coupla covers(screamin jay hawkins/james brown) allowin' arthur to come on like a deranged lounge singer from th'parallel dimension that is always present'n sometimes felt...dig this very groovy effort that works well as an aid to traverse temporal boundaries, fire up th'bong 'n visit once more th'psychedelic nightclub that lies just below th'wakin' surface o' th' mind...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Blog Rocks! Many great gems I don't see anywhere else.
By any chance are songs 1 - 5 missing? The file I downloaded shows trax 6 - 15.
Any chance you have Bangor Flying Circus?

11:22 AM  
Blogger spacedsaviour said...

thanx for th'heads up, 1to5 link is http://rapidshare.com/files/83474965/arthur_45.zip ...enjoy th'singles...

12:17 PM  

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