...th'quickest'n easiest way to assess these waxin's in th'grand scheme o' things is for a cat to think o' their top fave blues combo who work/ed in th'windy city electric idiom'n then think how it would be if'n they were better...well then a cats thinkin' along th'lines o' these 2 hep chippa'n cool waxin's from 68/69...slashin'n ringin' guitar'n slight soul inflected vocal make th'first one stand out from th'crowd...th'second slice has a R&B tinge to it with th'total zappin' sax thats been introduced to th'proceedin's...also this wax has a heavier production sound which helps knock down th'walls when played at #11 for max'mum stun... cats can tell after givin' these a spin that live this combo could tear a room right up'n this pretty much blew th'stoners collective mind when they hit san francisco for some hep ballroom action...not to be missed...


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