...janis'n her full tilt boogie're experiencin' some sound problems durin' this gig'n it sounds like th'stage is still bein' built at one point,but that taken into consideration this is a mostly great blowout o' funky janis gettin' down with th'groove...though bein' in th'middle o' a heavy tourin' schedule'n tired o' travellin' she extols th'virtues o' rock'nroll'n tries to get th'audience to get loose,not to be so uptight,she's come to rock'n she needs everyone to let go'n boogie down on th'one(renta-pig trouble seems to be goin' on when th'audience start th'freak dance)...her band let rip with some great (nearly)mind fried rock but if anything is happ'nin' its that big brother coulda easily stayed workin' with janis,they woulda kicked out th'jams just like th'early days,cats needin' some proof only need check as far as th'last track for th'stone solid truth o' th'matter,dig how BB woulda slammed this groove into th'rightous place where th'stoned soul beatnik lives...durin' some o' janis' raps it comes obvious that stardom dont sit too well with her,she'd be better as part o'a collective effort,like BB&HC,but by now its too late to stop th'media circus(it would stop for janis in a coupla months but that was a heavy price for freedom),janis needs th'support o'equals not a backin' band,hired in for one reason,to supply th'sound but not th'comradeship,not th'vibes,janis needs a reciprocal situation with all th'cats pullin' in th'same direction...janis is behind some southern comfort,givin' her th'courage'n impetus to get up on stage,but she'd been a whole lot more groovy with th'holdin' co.'n some reefer,really bein' able to soar to th'heavens on an electric-freak-jazz-R&B groove,she'd be totally at one with th'universe,not alone earthbound,hangin' out with squares most days...gettin' down to th'facts,this show gives 100% o'what was'n what coulda been,th'groove is loose but coulda been more out there,communicatin' on a different level,a more aware level,audience'n band as one interminglin' mind/body/soul takin' off for th'planets,a sun ra trip for an aside dig th'MC at th'end treatin' th'audience as a commodity,tellin'em when to stand up then tellin'em to sit down,what a square...


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