...early '67'n charles gets outta th'joint'n prepares for a life as a hollywood personality'n music star...after a trip up to frisco to check th'hippy scene'n dig th'vibe he returns to tinseltown'n gathers a retinue o' young followers who believe in his talent'n feed his ego...on september eleven he manages to score a 3hour session at universal records to lay down some o' his tines as th'first steps to becomin' th'next big luck would have it th'label closed soon after'n that was th'last o' that,at least thats how it seemed back in that fall o' flowerpower...this euroboot has been issued in various forms over th'last few years'n shows a willin' songwriter puttin' his ideas into vocal form...there was talk, mainly from dennis wilson that charles was gonna be on th'beachboys vanity label but things got kinda frazzled between th'manson entourage'n th'boys when charlie decided to cop some royalties upfront,so that possible avenue to th'celebrity life came to a bumpy end...these tapes're just th'first steps in th'long strange trip o' possibly th'worlds most unlikely popular culture star,th'ultimate 'poor folks'rags to riches(every taste catered for in th'family story though charlie,in typical pig bizniz style dont see any bread for his efforts,a twenty four hour gig,th'hardest workin' cat in showbiz)...


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