...early 60s hep producer shadow morton from NYC knew by '67 that gal-pop was losin' its edge so fast it was just no longer on th'radar 'n hardly anyone remember'd what it was...a new gimmick had to be found 'n fast...first off he didn't forget totally th'gal pop noise, he'd work'd up some well nifty wax in his time'n th'main thing about said disks was th' drama that was unleashed, never more so than on th'mighty shangri-la disks...secondly he needed to find some songs that were dramatic or at least lend themselves to some drama in th'hands of others...thirdly,maybe find some chancers who may be willin' to give a new gimmik a whirl'n get 'em in th'studio quick style...this first LP by th'fudge has some fab4 tunes'n some R&B hits all done in fine over th'top slow'd down stretched-out theatre o' th'mind chance would have it, this new gimmik scored straight away with th'new young teeny hippy element that was lookin' for a soundtrk to this new life o'freedom'n more importantly it hit with th'roobes who were tryin' to get hep to this wild trend that was 'sweepin' th' land 'n causin' so much disruption to their airconditioned-consumer-society...has been hailed by in some quarters that this was th'first heavy metal LP(ho hum) but more than ever its th'solemnity th'combo try for that makes this medieval art in a high tech enviroment (th' blooz is present but not goin' in a cream style o' heavy lumberin' jazzrock from which early metal took some o' its lead)'gospel from which rock'n'roll gets some o' its roots resurfaces in th'hit parade dressed in psychedelic trappins'n wailin that people get'very cover shouted new even though th'popart it envoked had been around for a long while in interlectual circles, it said to young 'suburban cubes that it was th'in thing, a must have aquisition...very singular disk that offered a new way in pop noise that was not taken up by th'mainstream for many years'n then only in a much lesser style with no real substance, advanced by watered down college-dramatic-society rock proggy combos desperately tryin' to seem up'n relavent for th'new decade...


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