...first off this reprint o' john sinclairs 1972 book comprisin' rock'n roll writins'n prison missives is a totally right on groove,an overflowin'ly full bag o'serious blabber'n smoke from this free thinkin' revolutionary/MC5 manager/jazz buff'n bloozologist'n as such its recommended as a heavy'n necessary read,all cats need to set th'peepers on stun for a hep trip into th'heart o'darkness,confrontations with th'MAN'n a general overdose o' straight society oppression...this is direct communication with th'front line from a city on fire,literally'n metaphorical,th'pig is everywhere watchin'n waitin',destroyin' what it cant understand,blindly followin' orders from some unknown dictorate...comin' with th'book is a cultural snapshot o'detroit burnin' with many fires in th'shape o'th'white panthers/black panthers/bobby seale/allen ginsberg/john sinclair/gary grimshaw/MC5/th'UP!/rationals'n others,a sock-it-too-em stoned buzz with th'righteous feel,a bong-diddly o'psychedelic jazz splatter just oozin'n perculatin',ready to drop th'mind bombs'n blow up with a few rockin' jams to keep th'tribes goin' through th'heavy despair o' th'square zone that throws endless tyrannies upon th''different'...


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