...another one o'those boots thats been released in differin' forms down th'decades'n they all lack somethin' in fidelity'n this ain't no great shakes hi-fi-wise but it is a goodly 99% complete with only a coupla rough minor edits on th'tunes...th'poorish sound quality does go someway to givin' an insight into th'chaotic atmosphere that kicked off that day due to bad drugs'n th'stones keepin' th'crowd waitin' longer than was perhaps wise,payin' th'hells angels in beer to do security musta been a decision that was regretted by all concerned...this is a mental breakdown in progress,th'madness that spreads across this disk from th'get go still sends out bad vibes,this ain't for any mellow fellows,this needs a bit o' a serious bong hit to keep th'karma level on an even keel...what makes this a fine audio verity groove is th'random voices that're picked up on th'tape,everyone is in flip city gettin' th'paranoid vibe,this is th'war comin' home,this split th'whole counter culture, ain't no cat could figure out this mess,this really brings th'whole debacle into a cats livin' space(dig th'helicopter buzzin' past in th'middle o'trk14,vietnam gunships)...naturally enough this has built th'stones reputation as th'bad boys o' rockroll(jagger stops th'gig a few times to get th'angels to cool it, but they take no notice'n carry on gettin' blitzed'n wiggin' out badly)'n although th'stones ain't in top form(who would be in this war zone)it is one o' th'rockroll records o' all time,this is freedom taken to extreme by those th'least able to handle it,th'children o' th'consumer slaves meet their very own guardians o' morality;th'angels...throbbin' gristle would be stoked to have this as one o' their gigs,bringin' proof tangible to their whole outlook on civilisation...recommended on every level...


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