...after th'first wax which was a total mind rippin' blowout o' guitar heavy acid pop/rock lees work became patchy 'n somewhat tedious as he stripped th'sound down to keys'n percussion in an effort to marry up his funky R&B based inclinations with th'new hard/acid rock'n vague singersongwriter self contained ethos...thats where this disk is a fine overview o' his time spent at a&m records coz it gives only th'finer sides'n dispenses with th'tunes that were lackin' in firepower...all 18trx're top grist that show that when he was on it he was on it 'n thats a chisled hard solid fact...a brilliant air o' stoner splat flows through these keyboard blooz makin' for a sound that ain't too often heard when it comes to this end o' th' rock spectrum...


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