Monday'concensus o' opinion seems to fall into th'could do better' camp when it comes to this, th'second wax from th'5, most cats seem to think that its a let down after th'jams joint which was a riot storm reflectin' th'detroit times...'back in th'usa' is partly takin' th'GET BACK route, to play some 50's rock'nroll, much like th'flamin' groovies were doin' at around th'same time, takin' pure rockroll back to before th'acid washed in'n turned th'whole joint day-glow...havin' th'manager john sinclair sent down for a 2-10 stretch after gettin' set up by narco pigs destabilised th'combo,th'oppressor drew even nearer,they were bein' targeted by pig forces in different towns'n cities as proven when th'5 took a kickin' in chicago...playin' basic rockin' tunes they hoped to keep on rollin',to move ever onward,this time takin' th'revolution to th'kids through th'transistor radio which is why th'sound has th'treble stacked fairly full on...they took th''get back'parametres to include how th'sound must be that came from battery powered AM radio back when they themselves were early teenagers diggin' th'wild boss sounds that came floodin' through th'ether...dig th'lyrics'n a cat knows this is directed to th'kids, extollin' rock roll freedom/rockin' th'high school in all different forms/gettin' hip to th'amerikkkan ruse/not fallin' for th'pig line, th'revolution is pourin' off this disk, its abbie hoffman back'd by chuck berry, both o'whom suffered pig trouble cos they upset th'balance o' power,they were considered extremely dangerous by th'rulin' class,trouble rocked('n rolled) th'empire...goin' to europe in '70 to promote th'disk helped them keep th'faith where revolution'n rockin' went hand-in-hand from paris to prague, they were welcomed by leather jacket radicals as well as pure rockin' daddios...any cats o' a doubtful nature as far as this joint only need to enter into th'spirit in which it was made, to party on th'ruins o' th'corrupt system with a reefer in one hand'n a transistor in th'other, pushed tightly on th'ear...dig th'beat,its th'memphis flyer steamin' thru th'night,spreadin' th'word in every direction,givin' hope to all that feel th'groove...


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