...from outta th'swedish underground scene circa 1966/8 came th'parson sound, a group o' free jazzers/avant experimenters who worked in th'area o'hippy jazz folk drone makin' long extended jams where th'sound meanders along untried routes...cats needin' a bead on these jazz heads could do well to think o' gear like th'first album by hapsash/velvets 'melody laughter' trk/intense g.dead jammin'/amon duul bongo flights all mixed together in a spaceways stew...though they never made any records durin' their span as th'parsons they left enough tapes to prove they had a complete handle on takin' things further, to push at th'future to produce th'ever present NOW, to continue to continue, becomin' th'very thing they're makini, achievini a oneness with th'drone...a coupla these jams were concocted to accompany art gallery pieces at home'n abroad(italy) so they crossed into th'art world in a bigger way than infiltratin' th'emergin' psychedelic world though some members would later become involved with poppier sike acts...ESP-Disk recordin' artists th'godz seem to inform parts here'n there'n they did do an art gallery gig for a travellin' warhol exhibition so they may well have been plenty hip to th'more avant rockers as well as th'free jazzbos that were kickin' up a storm in NYC lofts'n basements...they get well into some stoner rock vibes givin' off great wafts o' reefer'd smoked out slow jams that hover'n circle on clouds o' hazey foam before wadin' through th'thick soupy'tapes have a coupla creases in them helpin' produce a more intimate atmosphere, a reachin' back to ancient incantations from th'rare air that few ever get to breathe...


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