...1975 'n not too much happ'nin' on th'rock'n roll front in most places round th'globe(a few pockets o' resistance here'n there) but in cleveland OH. th'underground cats'n stoners're gettin' together their own sounds'n RFTT're prime example o' do it yourself...not carin' about what was on th'radio, what other people were thinkin' or what straight society had in th'way o' any entertainment th'rocket bolted together stoogian riffery with hawkwind slop 'n velvet drone'n smeared it all with back alley blues'n street level surrealist poetry...chaotic guitar screech which on these tapes is real grungy addin' to th'outta control vibes that lift off in a mc5/sun ra way occasionally tryin' to set th'controls for th'heart o' somewhere other than where they were...bein' th' mid seventies glamrock had to rear its head 'n bowies jean genie is reworked to good effect on trk7 which gives way to a piercin' version o' '30seconds o/tokyo'...this 74minute disk breaks down into 3 sessions at their rehearsal room/live at th'famed agora ballroom'n a bar...eventually fallin' into two different combos(pere ubu/dead boys) both exploded with debut LPS o' avant rock'n 77punk respectively though their later careers were'nt nowhere near th'promise o''magnitude o' this swill is still so great that reverberations're occasionally heard in rock(both mersh 'n underground)to this day...necessary earful for all layabouts intereseted in th'developement o' underground rock seventies style...


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