...right from th'get go this is a top blast o' electric shock rockin', a total storm o' noise, th'noise o' detroit on fire, th'personification o' th'motor city burnin' as interpreted by long haired rock'n rollers on acid...livin' in a communal house in th'inner city war zone where th'pig oppression was at its most ferocious gave th'5 first hand experience o' real life, a place where a cat might not make it through to th'end o' th'day...this, coupled with manager john sinclairs white panther party enabled them to impart their rockin' noise with super charged efficency, a outta control speedin' kildozer goin' in every which way but somehow always together, always on th''sound is sloppy yet at th'same time tight, their aim is true, they know where they're goin' takin' th'message o' radical freedom by any means necessary to th'cats that need it for th'long struggle that lies ahead...a fire storm o' blooz jams/freejazz/R&B via th'fab4'n back to BRO.JB all delivered with a carnival atmoshere,where there is no distinction between band'n audience, all're indulgin' in a shamanic experience where th'acid'n reefer will take them higher, th'outta limits o' th'impossible can be reached at a MC5 show, rock'n roll is th'religeon that is TRUE, all others enslave th'mind, only rock can deliver whats promised, it will deliver total freedom to all who desire'5're a joinin' o' th'tribal drum from eons past, before th'dream warriors bought th'earth into existance'n th'chaos generated by downpresser man, th'beat o' th'drum keeps th'whole thing movin',rollin' through th'war zone to th'suburban joints to th'grande ballroom, th'downpresser supplies th'reason, makes th'whole thing a reality, gives untold energy that fuels th'cause...this is th'meetin' th'memphis truck driver has with sun ra at a secret location rumoured to be a beer joint outside o' clarksville miss. in late '67 specifically to bring about a new music that would combine th'hillbilly blooz with th'sound o' reachin' for th'stars, to leave for th'celestial, voyage far away from th'realities o' uncle sams autocracy...only th'voyage was thwarted by th'consumer society orderin' its pigs to attack'n th'MC5 were brought into full effect, their whole 'james brown on acid' wayward dance routines, hammin' it up in total old time revival meetin' style, preachin th'good times come after th'revolution overthrows th'capitalist piggy state'n instigates th'3 point program they have come into possesion o' via sinclairs acid munchin' white panthers...oppressive pig tactix'n FBI surveillence makes them hone th'whole shebang into one explosive napalm bomb shatterin'n reconstitutin' to shatter some more, each time gettin' stronger'n more alive...a brother digs this he's surely part o' th'solution'n thats a stone cold solid fact...


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