...alongside funkadelics 'maggot brain''n slys 'riot' no other long player reflected th'state o' uncle sams autocracy more than fun house, th'stooges second go round for elektra records(who got burnt by th'MC5 so their patience with street level rockin' was wearin' real thin, preferrin' th'whinge'n whine o' singer/songers'n limp pop)which would also be their last as a democratic combo...this is th'sound o'urban degeneration, cities(detroit in this case)gettin' left to rot after their usefulness was used up, no longer o' importance to th'machinary o' th'new empire, th'sound o' pig violence killin' all those who oppose th'corporate'sound o' gunships roamin' th'skys o' southeast asia killin' for th'dollar sign, napalm burnin' those who might be different, whos way o' life didn't consume for th'wall street stockholders, th'sound o' grunts fraggin' th'gung-ho patriot in charge who will mindlessly follow orders to oblivion...this is th'sound o' bad drugs'n cheap booze wrapped in large jazz reefer loiterin' in hazy psychedelic basements with no tomorrow'n no yesterday, th'future has been stolen'n th'past didn't exist, only th'TV image plays non stop with reruns from th'blurred twilight zone o'th'netherworld bean counters who're busy wipin' th'consciousness from th'roobes...this is th'sound o' back alley stick ups, o' cats droppin' spare change on smack cut with rat poison bought from a narc...this is th'sound o' reality collidin' with th'amerikkkan dream, th'chrome plated freedom conspiracy crushin' th'true spirit, th'truth as seen from a burnt out buildin''world on fire sounds like THIS...comes with a second bonus disk melted down to bite size proportion from th'super necessary fun house sessions...


Anonymous stevo said...

That is a mighty piece o' writin' there! Great album too. Thanks.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

had to have this for the extra stuff as i only have the vinyl classic lp but not as good as raw power. len

2:42 PM  

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