...when this got released in 69 th' same month as th'woodshuck festival it got dissed by critics 'n rock snobs from here to' general consensus amongst th'cubes was that this disk was noisey'n unmusical 'n not worthye o' turntable time...but this was also th'(comin to th') height o' th'amerikkkan war machine killin' its children in th'nam aswell as at home so it was inevitable that some blue collars would eventually break through with some stoner R&B to reflect th' heavy pig menace o' maced-out times in urban areas...takin' their cue from th'heavied out blues rock th'anglo combos were peddlin' this is one bonged splatter o' screechin' swill that most likely is their best effort, certainly th'purest...a chippa racket o' gross heavyosity...


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