...heavily zoned out stone grooves from these denizens o' lower east side beatnik cafes'n psychedelic dungeons from th'daze that most'chemicals'n reefer'n beer that was flowin' through th'neighbourhood all ended up on this wax'n stayed there, its as wig liftin' right NOW as it was then in th'mind altered summer tymes...ol'timey weird amerikkka with coatin's o' amphetamines'n beer'n basement level acid all soakin' into patterns o' unreality'n wanderin' th'streets testafyin' to th'righteous beatnik livin' that is th'mainstay o' modalness...low rent lo-fi basement recordin' enhances th'trip to gonesville no end, its th'rustic hazy vibration from th'depths o' urban drugland where all th'cats're flippin' one way'r other...plays well alongside street level weirdos like th'fugs/david peel/abbie hoffman but with way more frayed comin' apartness than most ever handle...they made their one'n only appearance to th'great unwashed when they got on th'soundtrk to 'easy rider' which is included here, nice...


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