Thursday'69 tour o'uncle sams autocracy was gettin' underway'n this is a very nice recordin'(coupla glitches makes no never mind)o' th'oakland gig about a month before th'altamont fiasco which sees th'combo knockin' out some cool stonesian racket, gettin' grooved'n ridin' high on th' this time they were into th'final real phase o' their career where they were peakin' with their swaggerin' desperate blooz from th'dartford delta,chuggin'n funky live-wire buzzin'n thats whats translated on this boot,one o'th'first illicit recordin's o' th'newly emerged rock scene to be released along with dylans GWW...supposedly an audience tape though th'quality suggests this was a little closer to th'stage,even th'stones themselves may have commissioned this...originally released by th'trustworthy cats at th'TMoQ label this has been put out many many times'n its a solid rockin' sound that has stood th'rigors o' time...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanx for this slice of history spacedsaviour, love the blog.. and the boots.. terrific stuff, and the little previews are a hoot, too! merci merci... zenwarrior

11:30 AM  

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