...nice second release in this 22disk blow out o'syd'n floyd gubbins, a real monumental piece o' work containin' cd&dvd disks...this one has th'usual tunes for th'year in question(arnold/emily/vegetable/scream/controls etc.)all in different states o'bein'(acetates/stereo mixes/BBCsessions)which makes for a hep listenin' time, like hearin' them on a juke-box from th'twilight zone where everything is slightly off kilter'n wobbly, at first look its familiar, then certain parts become different until it then becomes maddenin' gettin' an ear for things that aint no longer there, very trippy as well it should be...havin' all this gear together in chronological order is a real buzz'n compliments th'mountain o'boots that litter most layabouts shelves...clean out th'bong'n set th'controls for th'journey back to th'summer o' swingin' london town...


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