...doin' their first gig openin' up for th'stones hyde park gig coulda had disasterous results, playin' proggy-jazz-rock to so many stones fans('n curious sight seein' citizens) might well have tested th'audiences patience but they pulled it off to polite, if not ecstatic applause...mellotron/wind instruments/guitar/ancient-future poetry all combine to give out a heavy noise that at th'time was unique on th'london circuit...bombastic maybe their forte but for a while th'crimsons were gettin' into th'imagination o' all underground heads who were diggin' th'scene which was turnin' from psych to prog(along with th'everpresent blooz wailers)...this euroboot has a fairly decent sound considerin' its an audience taper with a new fangled cassette recorder(possibly reel2reel which would need batteries about th'size o' a brick), a coupla times th'operator can be heard messin' with th'pause button givin' it a nice hands on feel, takin' th'listner to those far(out)off summerdaze as th'60s faded from th'calander...time once again to get higher in th'court o' th'king...


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