...there a few different versions o' this gig(9th national UK jazz festival held at plumpton race course in 69 after many years at windsor'n before it moved permanently to readin')'n this one seems pretty complete, includin' interstellar encore which has been missin' from all kicks off with 'set th'controls..' 'then moves into 'cymbaline' from th'newly completed 'more''centre piece is from th'journey' which they had been takin' around th'country which luckily turns into some funky avant jam full o' stoned doom vibes which is enhanced by th'sometimes murky sound(no real tape hiss just a murk)'man&journey' concept was later dumped as they got into doin' th'amazin puddin(AHM)as their next'evenin' was brought to an end with some groovy space jammin' on 'interstellar'where th'floydian wander-lust meanders around in fine choogle...not as trance-noodle as some shows but some real nice white light moments appear noneth'less...


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