...along with th'oxford circle in frisco this is th'heavy vibe o' th'yardbirds(jeff/jimmy)freakin' out on high octane amphetamines/LSD25/reefer goin' into th'dimension o' furtherness, to take IT to th'limits'n then push on from'live trx on this nicely presented semi-boot're fine reminder that straight from th'off these cats were more than an average garage band, they had ideas about jazz'n incorporatin' pure adrenalin noise to th'frenzied R&B copped from BRO.JAMES up in NYC'n th'brit invasion stones'n them...dig this early version o''black to comm',its a psych'd out bo diddley in orbit much like th'quicksilvers in frisco in 65/6, with all th'crunch o' big brother givin' it all a right proper manglin'...intense poundin' mind disturbances're full on showin' th'rowdyness o' their home town, this is a riot waitin' to take shape...slow blooz meanderin' with cool harp from rob tyner'n they get busy also with a plaintive soul groove courtesy o' a prime stonesian vibe'n do some dance tuneage to get th'kids rockin''title o' th'wax for once tells it like it is, its a breakout, this is th'launchin' pad for their spaceways escapades in th'next years...trx chosen by wayne kramer so this is th'deal thats real...


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