...considerin' th'circumstances in which this was recorded, in th'open air on a cassette some way from th'stage its not a bad sound'n o' obvious historical value as th'gigs put on in hyde park london at th'back end o' th'60s(for free) aint comin' back any time th'title may indicate this was an afternoon o' combos affiliated to blackhill management(roy harper/edgar broughton/kevin ayres etc.)who all helped make th'sunny day a groovy experience with myriad heads'n th'plain curious all diggin' th'sounds o' th'underground...floyd do their usual space journeys(controls/eugene)'n they also did AHM which does not seem to have survived cos that is surely missin' from every boot o' this gig but th'rest is here'n its a great reminder o' long ago tymes, trippin' in th'sunshine with nary a with all these type audience recordin's we get to hear th'heads chattin'n this adds to th'listenin' vibe more than takes away, its puts th'listener right there in th'sun...very nice addition to vintage floydian grooves...


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