...it was with this LP, th'fifth that things started to go wrong what with scorin' that big hit around th'planet so makin' th'cooper name outta-national'n also makin' alice th'person th'star with th'others relegated to becomin' mere bit players...quite a lot o' th'earlier joints 60s references're missin' makin' this a lot more in-tune with th'times'n thats th'downside cos it was th'combos updatin'n continuance o' th'freakbeat/psych/avant jammin'(plus a healthy dose o'humour) that made them special'n stand out from th'rest o' th'pack...its not a bad wax by any means but it cant be compared with th'ones before, it must stand apart'n be judged alone'n not by th'title trk that ironically doesn't fit with th'rest o' th'tuneage...


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