...real nice euroboot containin' th'symphony o' sound jam lastin' 20minits'n th'2 fallin spikes trx which is some chat with john cale'n some marvellous velvet trance recorded at different times in late six oh years...symphony was recorded early 66 'n in amongst th'proto sisteray riffin'n overloaded feedback squeelin' is a bit o' beefheart plastic factory riff,'n also they had a good grip on th'sound o'psychedelic ballroom jammin' when this whole idea was in its infancy (more evidence they were ahead o' th'game by meldin' NYC avant-dronin' to embryonic freak style new rock)'fallin spikes trx is a great way to get hep to th'world th'combo existed in with th'tranny/superstars cuttin' in occasionally screechin' about womens lib'n other proto age o' aquarius concerns (dig pope ondines four second soundbite)...all-in-all a nice head style exploito disk that allows cats into th'insular rough'n'ready layabout artist world o' mid/downtown manhattan when all things were possible 'n's who dig th' echoed chaos scape 'n scrape o' velvetslife'n not so much th' ballads'n scary softness will get a real buzz off this 'n thats where its at clyde...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for this your site is the best around have downloaded all your velvets stuff and more will leave more comments asap

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