...from th'cover inward this is th'off kilter sum o' their influences,with new york dolls meet th'stones beggars on th'cover(dig th'cat on th'right lookin' like prime time pigpen with his hat/hair/drink), th'vocalist bein' th'geezer from AC/DC one minute to something akin to vocalizin' for losers like styx'n other low rent mid seventies proggers...th'music is a train wreck o' led zeppelin/blue oyster cult'n aforementioned AC/DC'n much appreciated by all stoner layabouts who found copies(warped or not) in th'cut-out bins in record/electrical stores 'n other trustworthy emporiums who once upon a time came up with th'goods, something that dont happen in this day with th'finalisin' o' one world corporate state, plus th'releases today're redundant copies before th'sale begins, its now worthless even for free...needs to be played a few times owin' to th'said vocalists minor gymnastical assaults but overall a worthy addition to th'pile o' good grist that came outta th'ohio area a few years back(1974)...


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