...comin' outta uptown NYC came th'last poets who dropped some righteous mind bombs back in th'late 60s(appearin' on th'performance sndtrk gave them high profile in th'radical chic world as well as cats on th'block diggin' them)...they came to lay it on th' line,to take it to('n from)th'MAN,confront th'pig'n expose corruption in high('n low)places,but most o' all they came to wake up th'people,to tell 'em what time it is,time to get real,get off th'stoop,get off th'skag'n get to thinkin' right...with vernacular poetry that could be understood by th'populace,backed with chantin'n signifyin'n drums th'poets tear into th'END TIMES,its now or never to wake up'n get a fair share o' th'pie,this is for all cats who live under th'oppressor,most not even gettin' by,just gettin' ground down,th'last poets came to chant down babylon'n give th'people th'truth,whether they wanted to hear it or not...still a mind trip'n still needed,th'down-pressor man is eveywhere,disguised as a friend these days he walks softly'n carries th'biggest stick a cat ever seen'n he's more than mean...


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