...back in 69,in between tourin'n press interviews'n TEEVEE appearances jimi got down to th'serious business o' gettin' his groove on with some exploratory jams, just castin' into th'ether'n seein' what came around,he was leavin' th'pop star world gradually behind,fazin' out th'wildman image so beloved by his public,but which jimi loathed,it was now th'time to leave th'hambone alone,exorcise th'past few years'n come up with a fresh new approach...gettin' into some massive jam marathons with various cats such as larry young/buddy miles/johnny winter/billy cox at different times'nplace allowed jimi to see where th'eternal buzz o' th'never endin' groove would take him,into a trance situation openin' new vistas,allowin' new'n different patterns to arise...these jams o'course were never originally meant for public consumption,they were just taped for private list'nin'n documentation by hendrix'n nothin' more,but his leavin' th'earthly plane kinda sudden th'next year put a different spin on th'preceedins'n in around 1980 reprise record co. decided it must be time to test th'public reaction to some fresh hendrix material bein' put on sale...takin' notice o' th'disasterous attempts earlier in th'70s at tryin' to rip th'roobs off with loose ends/war heroes etc by a rival company reprise decided that instumental hendrix might be th'way to go,leave th'remixin' old songs routine alone,maybe sell this as jazz or something else...(th'so called notorious alan douglas who'd been th'perpetrator o' th'earlier hendrix exploito releases was in charge yet again so th'cats in th'know hadda decide whether to take a chance'n most didn't)...nine to th'universe didn't sell very well,a few thousand'n it faded from th'stores into cut out bins'n into relative obscurity which is a drag cos theres some funky magic carpet rides here ready for th'times when kickin' th'gong around is in order...plays real nice alongside jimis first underground bootleg that turned up in early seventy...


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