...a very nice release o' a supposed/proposed disk o' th'rooftop gig from january '69 which was to be issued some time durin' th'punk years'n if it had that woulda been a top class effort cos then all those limp power pop losers coulda called a halt to their activities forthwith'n settle down to check out how it should be done(alex chilton sure coulda used a rest from bein' called th'reincarnation o' th'fabs for th'proceedin' few years)...though it was a cold winters midday in london town th'fab4 put on a controlled showin' that they could still rock'n with a gospel touch that had been creepin' in since their run in with th'krishna-krew'n th'fallin' apart o' th'values th'combo held true:peace/love/freedom/harmony'n all with a sense o' humour...chipper crisp sound that lends heavy creedence to th'77 release story (myths in rock're based on less)but o' course cats who've stayed th'course will know official record co. beatle releases leave a lot to be desired in th'sound dept. most times so this is obviously from a higher source than beancounter trickery, this is from th'bootleg gods channelled through th'good dr.ebbetts...after a coupla spins this kinda takes on much more than a recordin' o' 'live beatleness' this is a goodbye to th'ol'way o' life for every cat across th'planet both hep'n square, th'seventies would usher in with a vengence th'new world order o' uncle sams autocracy that would hinder progress to th'spread o' groovy vibrations...with th'gospel groove runnin' through, th'gig takes on th'vibe o' gatherin' th'faithful for one lunch time, just like th'cavern days at th'other end o' th'decade, a refuge from th'downpresser o' th'workaday world, a noonday underground from th'rooftop singers in th'sky(more gospel allusions)...if'n th'whole GET BACK sessions ever needed to be reduced to a half hour sound bite this really is th'toppermost o' 69 poppermost...


Anonymous marty said...

Top quality stuff,spaced --thanx --another great post.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the hits just keep on comin'!

Anybody who says the Get Back/Let It Be period is inferior is having their perceptions colored by the back story (that the band was disintegrating and the playing suffers as a result). Listen to this with fresh ears - it's the sound of the greatest rock band in the world playing live as life. Fantastic! GET BACK!

On the subject of the hits keep on coming - can you locate a couple of albums with nice trippy vibes by Ol' Woolhat? I can't find Tantamount To Treason and Radio Engine anywhere in the blogoshpere.

Thanks for everything!

6:59 PM  

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