...third offerin' from th'5 sees them gettin' into some hard rockin' with explosive missives rollin' out all across th'land,with th'50s rockroll from th'second wax put on hold as they develope a sound more in keepin' with th'times, sometimes gettin' busy with their jazz leanin's comin' to th'fore...they come off with a stooges riff more than once but given more flesh than th'originals woulda had so th'years o' th'stooges supportin' th'mighty 5 have paid off in reverse, they helped th'5 get back on track cos some o'their live outtin's were gettin tired, they'd been through a lot in th'last four years,bein' th'most politically important band in amerikkka at th'time they suffered continual pig harrassment/record co. gettin' cold feet,which shows up th'liberal hippy ethix as shallow to non-existance...some o' this disk is headin' in th'prog direction though this is jazz prog taken further, all sorts o' yanquee musics show up if only in feel, fleetin' moments o' th'fadin' empire, yes th'5 still knew how to slip th'ongoin' revolution into tunes but they were warnin' o' th'dangers o' too much rhetoric'n not enough action, th'5 haven't given up lookin' for a'better tomorrow'but they realised plenty cats will sell out'n make some bread by sellin' th'revolution'down th'river'...even at this late point in their lifespan th'5're puttin' more into makin' this wax than hardly anyone back in th'hard rock early 70s,a time o' stoner rock/singer songer/glam, all things th'5 had already done back in th'whirlwind riot days-their whole trip was fulla words backed up by stoned out jazz boogie, draped in th'glamest thing ever,th'amerikkkan flag made over into a symbol o'freedom instead repression(which annoyed th'pig no end, provin' th'5 were right)...without any hesitation a cats gotta know this is still th'real deal, it stands alongside th'other two,all allowin' th'listner to get th'full picture, very much an art movement in their own right, they strove to turn on th'masses by any means possible, th'evolutionary next step from th'merry pranksters bus trip o'64'n th'followin' years acid tests...this was for real in th'heart o' riot amerikkka, not in suburban bohemia, this was ken keseys vibe taken'n expanded on with black panther consciousness/R&B/rockroll/freejazz'n mighty amounts o' mind alterin' chemicals/th'earths good herb'n some ol'fashion beer...extremely important wax in its own right this is very much th'sound o' avant rock takin' on th'main stream cos this coulda taken off with th'great unwashed'n not just th'underground, its easy to see this as sound bein' accepted by th'square teenagers in th'early seventees'n when they'd decyphered th'message they be turned onto th'revolution, they'd not get drafted, they'd not work for uncle sams autocracy makin' shoddy cars'n cheap guitars''history o' rockroll is littered with great rockin' combos who all contibute a little somethin' to make it all bearable in th'face o' adversity bought on by a dose o' 'society''n none moreso than th'5 who took it to th'streets'n turned on cats planet wide'n still to this day inspire all that step within' th'hallowed boundaries o' th'grande ballroom o' th'mynd'n groove outta spacesways with in th'starship o' th'MC5...


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