...long haired country music from los angeles at th'san francisco home for hippy,th'avalon ballroom april 4/6 '69 at th'time o' their first LP release...playin' music traditionally associated with th'enemy as far as th'young draft dodgin' hippy generation were concerned,was just askin' for trouble,at th'time there was nothin' squarer than country,'cept maybe jazz but thats another kettle o' cod for some other time...all seems well as far as th'burritos go here,their drivin' toons,'n some nice words from gram go down fine with th'stoners'n th'combo're friendly towards th'assembled hippys...as far as th'stoners acceptin' this music as part o' their counter culture was concerned, that weren't gonna happen(rural rock/lazy jam bands came in for awhile), it was cool for an evenin's distraction but it was still th'older generation sound, th'right-wing conservative, music from th'oppressor who wanted to kill its non-conformists with bad drugs or vietnam or both to make totally sure...some good pedal steel stranglin' goin' on from sneeky pete'n th'overall sound is slightly murky but that just adds to indubitably funky aroma in th'ballroom,a righteous fog o' sweet smoke helpin' th'groove along...


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