Monday with claudia lennear,merry clayton was an exemplary singer whose work remained mainly in th'background on disks by th'likes o' lee michaels/carole king/grin/phil spector/phil ochs/paul butterfield,givin' that oh so necessary soul wail makin' th'wax come alive,a top case in point would have to be th'stones blowout racket'gimme shelter' o' which this solo joint was named...a cool waxin' with covers by th'NEW ROCK elite,stones(natch),van morrison/james taylor/doors/paul simon,all gettin th'funky laurel canyon gospel vibe that was hip currency at th'time,a cat can smell th'patchouli'n see th'ripped denim'n cheesecloth without too much effort...its a terrific opportunity to get down with th'groovyHEPfunk o' this cooled out sista,hear her testifyin' th'new day upfront,instead o' hired singer whose job was o' course to improve th'very nature o' th'sessions she was involved with...


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