...arrivin' in velvet satin tat came davids first go at bein' a glam star along th'lines o'bowies 'sold th'world' period mixed in with some mottism aswell as fey ballads that hark back to an earlier psychedelic period with some orchestrated creamteasike with th'ghost o' beatle george hangin' out gettin' groovy...dig trk7 with its joe byrd electronic backin'...RCA no doubt had visions o' sellin' this cat to suburban roobs as some kinda watered down, less troublesome lou reed who was flippin' out after moderate success as a pop star ridin' with bowie, scorin' hit records in euroland'n generally gettin' his tough guy poetic groove on...less overt in th'camp department than jobraith who was struttin' his stuff at this time, this cat looked more like a dandy from another temporal juncture, theres a certain ambiguity to where his style might actually lie both in th'wardrobe aswell as th'musician front...david bein' young at th'time this was let loose made th'differin' styles merge unselfconscious as its his dreams mixin' with th'substance o' his influences...this is definitely rock/glam as opossed to glam rock, more hard than th'pop o' fellow glamourpus brett smiley,theres a raspberries vibe goin' on,sorta bowie/ian hunter frontin' th'cleveland fab ones...fantastic wax that fits th'mid sevnties landscape without any problems, sits extremely well with its peers'n outstrips many a glammin' pretender both then'n anytime th'lipstick comes out...


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