...its 1967'n th'media 're playin' up th' latest craze which this year happens to be hippy'n th' summer o' love...over in ol' frisco th'medicines o' many tribes is minglin'n producin' many variations'n distortions in sound'n sylvester stewart aint slow in leavin' novelty/beatpop productions alone'n work up a fresh groove based on R&B mutatin' into a'whole new thing'' patented sly noise aint in full effect yet but it peaks through here'n there, it'll just take a little while to sharpen th'sounds'n hooks into a forceful magnet that'll not only pull in th'teenyboppers but hippys'n revolutionaries aswell...everyone found somethin' in th'family stone vibe'n this is th'startin' point...with some extra bonus trx its guaranteed to save all right thinkin' heads from th'blahhhs...


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