...coupla north beach beatnix who missed th' boat when it came to th' great frisco hippy record co. feedin' frenzy o' 67...they put out a coupla singles that promptly went nowhere 'n recorded enough tunes for an LP but thats as far as it went...this coaster is a summation o' all their work which is a folk rock groove, not th' los angeles byrds type folk, a definite frisco coffee house hep reefer this point in time they were way ahead o' th'airplane'n they woulda been right at home openin' on a bill featurin' th' early dead/big brother/great society with a proto psychedelic dungeon vibe more than a slightly later ballroom freakout racket...this is a very nice long lost piece from th'hippy rock tapestry 'n cats who dig th' 60s underground vibe will not be puttin' a foot wrong with these grooves...sherry went on to work with th' hot licks 'n jeff popped up in th'ducks durin' th' late seventies...


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