...it seems th'main claim to fame with these is th'fact that they shoulda opened th'woodshuck festival back in summer 69'n they themselves still seem to cling to this notion o' notoriety'n hype'n thats a shame cos if nothin' else they tried to put a different spin on th'late 60s obsession with big jazzyrock combos such as blood sweat&tears'n other long forgotten non-happenin' gloop such as heaven plus a myriad o'brainfreeze on th'columbia label('th'MAN cant bust our music'-why would he want to?)...sweatwater went for a chamber jazz groove hittin' th'loungey tip more than once but with small psych fx plus a coupla hippy/relevant lyrics which may or mayn't be heartfelt...managin' to get three long playin' wax onto th'market in th'early seventies, this is a nice pile up with th'first disk featurin' heavily plus a coupla trx from th'other two as well as live trk from aforementioned woodshuck'n a reunion in th'nowtime number to round things off...a nice reminder o'times longago&faraway...


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