...first LP wax from third world war shows th'way they were thinkin',anti-rich/anti-boss/anti-union/anti-pig/pro peoples solidarity,all set to th'tune'n rhythm o'blooz based thug/thud rock with some doomy,not quite prog style vibes...this is angry prole rock,beatin' th'drum for th'underclass,shoutin' down th'established order o' government lacky pen-pusher/pig who make life for cats on th'block as well as joe public at large as difficult as possible...released on th'then cool TRACK RECORDS in 1970 these west london rockers kick down everything in their way,advocatin' armed uprisin' o' th'workin' class,a better tomorrow,today...cats maybe needin' o get a handle on this urgent urban outpourin' need only think o' th'edgar broughton band'n then think meaner,angrier less hippyfied,this aint suitable for geeks'n middle class twonks who think theres nothin' wrong with th'system,its a full on expression o' hatred for inertia,a call to arms,a rallyin' cry for th' get a proper insight into th'historical place'n time that this platter falls, a readin' o' th'ANGRY BRIGADE manifesto is in order,these cats weren't gonna take it anymore,th'need for real change was in th'air'n most definitely on this disk...


Blogger ezekielhubbard said...

Yes, that's it exactly:

"th'edgar broughton band...(but)... meaner,angrier less hippyfied"

I looked for these for years based on their ferocious reputation. I finally scored my copy/copies a few years back, but it is nevertheless good to see them on offer here. I hope this allows a few more citizens to come on board.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Thank you. My searching is over. Great stuff!!

10:58 PM  

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