...much like th' fab4s pepper was th'work o' another combo this LP must be looked at in th' same light...its not th' beach boys (brians hardly here) as such, its carls band 'th'passions' who're a way funky rock outfit...knocked together in just over a week with two new members in tow 'th' passions' lay down some grungy(in a relative sense) R&B'n some urban country funk with a touch o' gospel thrown in(th'al'n mikeTM tune is well gospelly)...dennis has 2trx at th'end that were to be featured on his semi planned solo effort which by th' sounds o' these woulda been a magnificent droned-out trancefest but ended up here...much better than a lotta cats would have it, though doomed from th' getgo in th' market place cos when originally released it was paired up with pet sounds which is totally th'other side o' where this is at...record co. bean counters showin' how they dont know nuthin' about nuthin', 'n in this case nuthin' about makin' bread cos it was a dead duck chartwise...another great beach boy LP 'n th' passions greatest LP...


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