...these cats were knockin' out chemically enhanced basement rockin' vibes in th'early 70's in NYC'n mighty fine sounds they were...messed up prog on some, jazz on others with semi acoustic peepin' through on some tuneage...tasty fx-pedal guitar gives this th'period feel that possibly makes it sound better today than when originally released...due to lack o' funds th' combo had to put out some trx as a single sided affair, then later it was reissued with extra trx then it fell off th'radar completely(not that it was registerin' at th' time)' whole thing has a marvellous cheap'n funky sound'n feel'n shows some true underground visions were happenin' back when most were country rockin' or glammed out fashion plates...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog, especially the Dylan stuff. Thanks for revealing the secret. About the Manson stuff? That sucks. Thanks.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In response to the above comment - Charlie did it his way and is more talented than most give him credit for. I've played Mr. Manson's music for some friends who thought it was good - when they found out who it was - their opinion changed. Please post more by the guy whose music was far from conventional and unsoiled from corporate anti-creativeness. A true original and true atist - unwilling to sell-out - raw but real - good music for those who can HEAR.

7:58 PM  

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